Exotic Mirage's Stitch  is the most compact and perfectly structured French Bulldogs around. 

Stitch has the most calm and amazing personality. He loves to play and is so great with the kids.

He is a blue fawn who carries the sought after at gene. He will makes the cutest french bulldog puppies around.



Gizmo of Tasmania

Gizmo of Tasmania


Cash is a stunning Chocolate and tan quad carrier. He is very compact with a very short back. He has just turned 1 and he will be having his first puppies in June. we are so excited for his future with us.

Gizmo of Tasmania

Gizmo of Tasmania

Gizmo of Tasmania


Gizmo is only 5 months old but he is already developing into an amazing stud. He is a standard red fawn but he carries blue, chocolate and a or at. We are so happy that he will continue his mothers legacy.